Jewels That All Women Need

Building a great jewelry wardrobe takes time and is a constantly evolving process. Whether your budget is high, low or in between, you can curate a great selection of jewels that will enhance your wardrobe and make you feel beautiful and put together. There is great jewelry at all prices and I always love mixing costume with fine pieces. That said, here is my list of the top essential jewelry Items every woman needs in her jewelry box!

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Stud Earrings 

These can be pearls, diamonds, gold silver, with or without stones. Something simple and will be your go-to earring when you are traveling light or just want a little bit of something to finish your look. 

Statement Earrings

So many great choices! Chose a color and style that suits you. These will transition your daytime look to night, and dress up any outfit. I even like the idea of wearing a statement earring on a day off with jeans when you are going out for coffee. Rule number 1, there are no rules.

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Gold Chain Necklace

A chain style is truly a staple. I like a long one when I can get it as it is great to double or even triple over. Pair your delicate, shorter chains with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces. For example, start with your shortest chain, and start adding chains in a variety of lengths, weight, and metals.

Simple Bracelets

A simple bracelet is a great go-to to polish your outfit. Geometric shapes on your bracelets make it easy to pair with other accessories.

Gold Brooch 

Use it to create a focal point. Pin it on your shoulder or at the decolletage. The most modern way to wear brooches is in twos or threes.

There is lots of room to interpret all of these items as they best suit you, your lifestyle, wardrobe and budget. Look at options from each category from this list as a starting point and find the one that works for you.

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