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LINA HERNANDEZ is a jewelry brand for women which conveys the joy of living with metropolitan dynamism. Her designs stands as everyday items based on a magical and spiritual journey on the empowering of women.

Each one of LH pieces is handmade in Colombia, every process is the result between creativity, high quality technic and magic.



Lina Hernandez is an artist.  I am an absolute fan and compulsive buyer of her earrings and rings. Her use of crystals and stones without cutting or polishing makes each piece absolutely unique.  Lina's jewelry uplifts and creates happiness. Her pieces are full of imagination and overflowing with good taste.

Paula Uscategui


I love her jewelry. Her shop is the first place I go to to buy gifts. The service is great, the shop is beautiful, and Lina is terrific. She is super helpful and I always find what I need. When I order something, everything arrives on time. Highly recommend!

James Bruce


Her jewelry is beautiful, everyday.

Is fresh, fun, vibrant, pop, elegant and playful. Always fits my mood. Love getting compliments too.

Jill Sinatra